Visuddhimagga XII-52

Iddhipādanti nipphattipariyāyena vā ijjhanaṭṭhena, ijjhanti etāya sattā iddhā vuddhā ukkaṃsagatā hontīti iminā vā pariyāyena iddhīti saṅkhaṃ gatānaṃ abhiññācittasampayuttānaṃ chandasamādhipadhānasaṅkhārānaṃ adhiṭṭhānaṭṭhena pādabhūtaṃ sesacittacetasikarāsinti attho.


Ñ(XII,52): Road to power (basis for success): the meaning is, the total of consciousness and its remaining concomitants [except the concentration and the will], which are, in the sense of resolve, the road to (basis for) the concentration due to zeal and will to strive associated with the direct-knowledge consciousness, which latter are themselves termed 'power (success)' either by treatment as 'production' (§20) or in the sense of 'succeeding' (§21) or by treatment in this way, 'beings succeed by its means, thus they are successful; they are enriched, promoted' (§22).

Vuttañhetaṃ ‘‘iddhipādoti tathābhūtassa vedanākkhandho…pe… viññāṇakkhandho’’ti (vibha. 434).


Ñ: For this is said: 'Basis for success (road to power): it is the feeling aggregate, [perception aggregate, formations aggregate, and] consciousness aggregate, in one so become' (Vbh. 217).

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