Visuddhimagga XII-81

389. Tirobhāvaṃ kātukāmo pana ālokaṃ vā andhakāraṃ karoti, appaṭicchannaṃ vā paṭicchannaṃ, āpāthaṃ vā anāpāthaṃ karoti.


Ñ(XII,81): But one who wants to cause a vanishing makes light into darkness, or he hides what is unhidden, or he makes what has come into the visual field come no more into the visual field.



Ñ: How?

Ayañhi yathā appaṭicchannopi samīpe ṭhitopi vā na dissati, evaṃ attānaṃ vā paraṃ vā kātukāmo pādakajjhānato vuṭṭhāya ‘‘idaṃ ālokaṭṭhānaṃ andhakāraṃ hotū’’ti vā, ‘‘idaṃ appaṭicchannaṃ paṭicchannaṃ hotū’’ti vā, ‘‘idaṃ āpāthaṃ anāpāthaṃ hotū’’ti vā āvajjitvā parikammaṃ katvā vuttanayeneva adhiṭṭhāti.

即神变者欲求自己或他人,虽无遮蔽或近在身边亦使不见,他从基础禅出定已,念「此光明之处将成黑暗」,[PTS 393] 或「此无遮蔽处将成遮蔽」或「此可见而成不可见」,遍作(准备)已,当依前述之法而决意。

Ñ: If he wants to make himself or another invisible even though unconcealed or nearby, he emerges from the basic jhāna and adverts thus, 'Let this light become darkness' or [393] 'Let this that is unhidden be hidden' or 'Let this that has come into the visual field not come into the visual field'. Then he does the preliminary work and resolves in the way already described.

Saha adhiṭṭhānacittena yathādhiṭṭhitameva hoti.


Ñ: It becomes as he has resolved simultaneously with the resolution.

Pare samīpe ṭhitāpi na passanti.


Ñ: Others do not see even when they are nearby.

Sayampi apassitukāmo na passati.


Ñ: He too does not see, if he does not want to see.

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