Visuddhimagga XII-61

Tasmiñca kāle thero bhattuddesako hoti.


Ñ(XII,61): At that time the elder had charge of the allocation of meal [invitations].

Jīvako theraṃ upasaṅkamitvā ‘‘sve, bhante, bhagavatā saddhiṃ pañcabhikkhusatāni gahetvā amhākaṃ gehe bhikkhaṃ gaṇhathā’’ti āha.


Ñ: Jīvaka approached the elder, saying, 'Take alms at our house, venerable sir, together with the Blessed One and five hundred bhikkhus'.

Theropi ṭhapetvā cūḷapanthakaṃ sesānaṃ adhivāsemīti adhivāsesi.


Ñ: The elder consented, saying, 'I accept for all but Cūḷa-Panthaka'.

Cūḷapanthako dvārakoṭṭhake ṭhatvā rodati.


Ñ: Cūḷa-Panthaka stood weeping at the gate.

Bhagavā dibbacakkhunā disvā taṃ upasaṅkamitvā kasmā rodasīti āha.


Ñ: The Blessed One saw him with the divine eye, and he went to him. 'Why are you weeping?', he asked,

So taṃ pavattimācikkhi.


Ñ: and he was told what had happened.

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