Visuddhimagga XII-23

370. Tattha ‘‘pakatiyā eko bahukaṃ āvajjati. Sataṃ vā sahassaṃ vā satasahassaṃ vā āvajjitvā ñāṇena adhiṭṭhāti ‘bahuko homī’’’ti (paṭi. ma. 3.10) evaṃ vibhajitvā dassitā iddhi adhiṭṭhānavasena nipphannattā adhiṭṭhānā iddhi nāma.


Ñ(XII,23): (i) Herein, the success shown in the exposition [of the above summary] thus, 'Normally one, he adverts to [himself as] many or a hundred or a thousand or a hundred thousand; having adverted, he resolves with knowledge "Let me be many" ' (Ps.ii,207), is called success by resolve because it is produced by resolving.

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