Visuddhimagga XII-32

Sañjīvattheraṃ pana nirodhasamāpannaṃ kālakatoti sallakkhetvā gopālakādayo tiṇakaṭṭhagomayāni saṅkaḍḍhetvā aggiṃ adaṃsu. Therassa cīvare aṃsumattampi najjhāyittha. Ayamassa anupubbasamāpattivasena pavattasamathānubhāvanibbattattā samādhivipphārā iddhi. Vatthu pana sutte (ma. ni. 1.507) āgatameva.


Ñ(XII,32): While the Elder Sañjīva was in the attainment of cessation, cowherds, etc., who noticed him thought he was dead. They brought grass and sticks and cowdung and set fire to them. Not even a corner of the elder's robe was burnt. This was success by intervention of concentration in him because it was brought about by the influence of the serenity occurring in his successive attainment [of each of the eight jhānas preceding cessation]. But the story is given in the Suttas too (M.i,333).

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