Visuddhimagga XI-101

Mahāparihāratoti mahantehi paccayehi pariharitabbato.


Ñ(XI,101): (c) Great maintenance: this is because they have to be sustained by the great requisites.

Etāni hi divase divase upanetabbattā mahantehi ghāsacchādanādīhi bhūtāni pavattānīti mahābhūtāni. Mahāparihārāni vā bhūtānītipi mahābhūtāni.


Ñ: For these elements are great primaries (mahābhūta) since they have become (bhūta), have occurred, by means of the food, clothing, etc., which are great (mahant) [in importance] because they have to be found every day. Or alternatively, they are great primaries (mahābhūta) since they are primaries whose maintenance is great.

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