Visuddhimagga XII-21

Aparo nayo, ijjhanaṭṭhena iddhi. Upāyasampadāyetamadhivacanaṃ.


Ñ(XII,21): Another method: success is in the sense of succeeding. That is a term for the effectiveness of the means;

Upāyasampadā hi ijjhati adhippetaphalappasavanato.


Ñ: for effectiveness of the means succeeds with the production of the result intended,

Yathāha – ‘‘ayaṃ kho citto gahapati sīlavā kalyāṇadhammo, sace paṇidahissati ‘anāgatamaddhānaṃ rājā assaṃ cakkavattī’ti, tassa kho ayaṃ ijjhissati sīlavato cetopaṇidhi visuddhattā’’ti (saṃ. ni. 4.352).


Ñ: according as it is said: 'This householder Citta is virtuous and magnanimous. If he should aspire, "Let me in the future become a Wheel-turning Monarch", being virtuous, he will succeed in his aspiration, because it is purified (S.iv,303).

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