Visuddhimagga XI-108

356. Saṅgahatoti kammasamuṭṭhānā pathavīdhātu kammasamuṭṭhānāhi itarāhi ekasaṅgahā hoti samuṭṭhānanānattābhāvato.


Ñ(XI,108): 10. As to inclusion: kamma-originated earth element is included together with the other kamma-originated elements because there is no difference in their origination.

Tathā cittādisamuṭṭhānā cittādisamuṭṭhānāhīti


Ñ: Likewise the consciousness-originated is included together with other consciousness-originated elements.

evaṃ saṅgahato manasikātabbā.


Ñ: This is how they should be given attention 'as to inclusion'.

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