Visuddhimagga XI-95

352. Nānattekattatoti sabbāsampi dhātūnaṃ salakkhaṇādito nānattaṃ.


Ñ(XI,95): 6. As to variety and unity: there is variety in the specific characteristics, etc., of all the elements;

Aññāneva hi pathavīdhātuyā lakkhaṇarasapaccupaṭṭhānāni. Aññāni āpodhātuādīnaṃ.


Ñ: for the characteristic, function, and manifestation of the earth element is one, and those of the water element, etc., are different.

Evaṃ lakkhaṇādivasena pana kammasamuṭṭhānādivasena ca nānattabhūtānampi etāsaṃ rūpamahābhūtadhātudhammaaniccādivasena ekattaṃ hoti.


Ñ: But there is unity in them as materiality, great primary, element, state (dhamma), impermanence, etc., notwithstanding the fact that they are various according to [specific] characteristic, etc., and according to origination by kamma and so on.

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