Visuddhimagga XI-115

Tāsu pathavīdhātu abhikkamapaṭikkamādikāle uppīḷanassa paccayo hoti.


Ñ(XI,115): At the time of moving forward and moving backward (M.i,57), the earth element among these is a condition for pressing.

Sāva āpodhātuyā anugatā patiṭṭhāpanassa.


Ñ: That, seconded by the water element, is a condition for establishing on a foundation.

Pathavīdhātuyā pana anugatā āpodhātu avakkhepanassa.


Ñ: But the water element seconded by the earth element is a condition for lowering down.

Vāyodhātuyā anugatā tejodhātu uddharaṇassa.


Ñ: The fire element seconded by the air element is a condition for lifting up.

Tejodhātuyā anugatā vāyodhātu atiharaṇavītiharaṇānaṃ paccayo hotīti


Ñ: The air element seconded by the fire element is a condition for shifting forwards and shifting sideways (see Ch. XX, §62f. and MA.i, 160).

evaṃ paccayavibhāgato manasikātabbā.


Ñ: This is how they should be given attention 'as to analysis of conditions.'

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