Visuddhimagga XI-94

351. Samuṭṭhānatoti ye ime pathavīdhātuādīnaṃ vitthārato dassanavasena kesādayo dvācattālīsa koṭṭhāsā dassitā.


Ñ(XI,94): 5. As to how originated: among the forty-two components beginning with head hairs shown in the detailed treatment of the earth element, etc.,

Tesu udariyaṃ karīsaṃ pubbo muttanti ime cattāro koṭṭhāsā utusamuṭṭhānāva.


Ñ: the four consisting of gorge, dung, pus, and urine are temperature-originated only;

Assu sedo kheḷo siṅghāṇikāti ime cattāro utucittasamuṭṭhānā.


Ñ: the four consisting of tears, sweat, spittle, and snot are temperature-originated and consciousness-originated only.

Asitādiparipācako tejo kammasamuṭṭhānova.


Ñ: The fire that cooks what is eaten, etc., is kamma-originated only;

Assāsapassāsā cittasamuṭṭhānāva.


Ñ: in-breath and out-breath are consciousness-originated only;

Avasesā sabbepi catusamuṭṭhānāti


Ñ: all the rest are of fourfold origination.

evaṃ samuṭṭhānato manasikātabbā.


Ñ: This is how they should be given attention as to how originated.

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