Visuddhimagga XI-92

Aṅgamaṅgānusaṭā cettha samudīraṇavitthambhanalakkhaṇā vāyodhātu pathavīpatiṭṭhitā āposaṅgahitā tejānupālitā imaṃ kāyaṃ vitthambheti.


Ñ(XI,92): The air element that courses through all the limbs and has the characteristic of moving and distending, being founded upon earth, held together by water, and maintained by fire, distends this body.

Tāya ca pana vitthambhito ayaṃ kāyo na paripatati, ujukaṃ saṇṭhāti.


Ñ: And this body, being distended by the latter kind of air, does not collapse, but stands erect,

Aparāya vāyodhātuyā samabbhāhato gamanaṭṭhānanisajjāsayanairiyāpathesu viññattiṃ dasseti, samiñjeti, sampasāreti, hatthapādaṃ lāḷeti.


Ñ: and being propelled by the other [motile] air, it shows intimation and it flexes and extends and it wriggles the hands and feet, doing so in the postures comprising walking, standing, sitting and lying down.

Evametaṃ itthipurisādibhāvena bālajanavañcanaṃ māyārūpasadisaṃ dhātuyantaṃ pavattatīti


Ñ: So this mechanism of elements carries on like a magic trick, deceiving foolish people with the male and female sex and so on.

evaṃ cuṇṇato manasikātabbā.


Ñ: This is how they should be given attention by particles.

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