Visuddhimagga XI-118

361. Ettāvatā ca yaṃ samādhissa vitthāraṃ bhāvanānayañca dassetuṃ ‘‘ko samādhi, kenaṭṭhena samādhī’’tiādinā nayena pañhākammaṃ kataṃ, tattha ‘‘kathaṃ bhāvetabbo’’ti imassa padassa sabbappakārato atthavaṇṇanā samattā hoti.



Ñ(XI,118): This completes in all its aspects the commentary on the meaning of the clause 'How should it be developed?', in the set of questions beginning with 'What is concentration?', which was formulated in order to show the method of development of concentration in detail (see Ch. III,§1).

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