Visuddhimagga XI-116

Evaṃ vacanatthādivasena manasi karontassāpi hi ekekena mukhena dhātuyo pākaṭā honti.


Ñ(XI,116): As he gives his attention to them 'as to word meaning', etc., in this way, the elements become evident to him under each heading.

Tā punappunaṃ āvajjato manasikaroto vuttanayeneva upacārasamādhi uppajjati.


Ñ: As he again and again adverts, and gives attention to them access concentration arises in the way already described.

Svāyaṃ catunnaṃ dhātūnaṃ vavatthāpakassa ñāṇassānubhāvena uppajjanato catudhātuvavatthānantveva saṅkhaṃ gacchati.


Ñ: And this concentration too is called 'definition of the four elements' because it arises in one who defines the four elements owing to the influence of his knowledge.

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