Visuddhimagga XI-121

Sekkhaputhujjanānaṃ samāpattito vuṭṭhāya samāhitena cittena vipassissāmāti bhāvayataṃ vipassanāya padaṭṭhānattā appanāsamādhibhāvanāpi sambādhe okāsādhigamanayena upacārasamādhibhāvanāpi vipassanānisaṃsā hoti.


Ñ(XI,121): When ordinary people and trainers develop it, thinking, 'After emerging we shall exercise insight with concentrated consciousness', the development of absorption concentration provides them with the benefit of insight by serving as the proximate cause for insight, and so too does access concentration as a method of arriving at wide open [conditions] in crowded [circumstances].

Tenāha bhagavā ‘‘samādhiṃ, bhikkhave, bhāvetha. Samāhito, bhikkhave, bhikkhu yathābhūtaṃ pajānātī’’ti (saṃ. ni. 3.5).


Ñ: Hence the Blessed One said: 'Bhikkhus, develop concentration; a bhikkhu who is concentrated understands correctly' (S.iii,13).

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