Visuddhimagga XI-76

338. Vasā aggisantāpādikāle hatthatalahatthapiṭṭhipādatalapādapiṭṭhi nāsāpuṭanalāṭaaṃsakūṭesu ṭhitavilīnasneho.


Ñ(XI,76): Grease is the melted unguent to be found on the palms and backs of the hands, on the soles and backs of the feet, on the nose and forehead and on the points of the shoulders, when heated by fire, and so on.

Tattha yathā pakkhittatele ācāme na ācāmo jānāti maṃ telaṃ ajjhottharitvā ṭhitanti.


Ñ: Herein, just as, when rice gruel has oil put on it, the rice gruel does not know 'Oil is spread over me',

Napi telaṃ jānāti ahaṃ ācāmaṃ ajjhottharitvā ṭhitanti,


Ñ: nor does the oil know 'I am spread over rice gruel',

evameva na hatthatalādippadeso jānāti maṃ vasā ajjhottharitvā ṭhitāti.

同样的,[PTS 362] 手掌等处不知「膏散布于我等上」,

Ñ: so too, the place consisting of the palm of the hand, etc., [362] does not know 'Grease is spread over me',

Napi vasā jānāti ahaṃ hatthatalādippadesaṃ ajjhottharitvā ṭhitāti.


Ñ: nor does the grease know 'I am spread over places consisting of the palm of the hand, and so on'.

Aññamaññaṃ ābhogapaccavekkhaṇarahitā ete dhammā.


Ñ: These things are devoid of mutual concern and reviewing.

Iti vasā nāma imasmiṃ sarīre pāṭiyekko koṭṭhāso acetano abyākato suñño nissatto yūsabhūto ābandhanākāro āpodhātūti.


Ñ: So what is called grease is a particular component of this body, without thought, indeterminate, void, not a living being, liquid water element in the mode of cohesion.

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