Visuddhimagga XI-91

Asitapītādipācakā cettha usumākārabhūtā uṇhattalakkhaṇā tejodhātu pathavīpatiṭṭhitā āposaṅgahitā vāyovitthambhitā imaṃ kāyaṃ paripāceti, vaṇṇasampattiñcassa āvahati. Tāya ca pana paripācito ayaṃ kāyo na pūtibhāvaṃ dasseti.


Ñ(XI,91): And here the fire element that cooks what is eaten, drunk, etc., and is the mode of warming and has the characteristic of heat, being established on earth, held together by water, and distended by air, maintains this body and ensures its proper appearance. And this body, being maintained by it, shows no putrefaction.

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