Visuddhimagga XII-17

Saddhāpariggahitaṃ hi cittaṃ assaddhiyena na iñjati.


Ñ(XII,17): For consciousness reinforced by faith is not perturbed by faithlessness;

Vīriyapariggahitaṃ kosajjena na iñjati.


Ñ: when reinforced by energy, it is not perturbed by idleness;

Satipariggahitaṃ pamādena na iñjati.


Ñ: when reinforced by mindfulness, it is not perturbed by negligence;

Samādhipariggahitaṃ uddhaccena na iñjati.


Ñ: when reinforced by concentration, it is not perturbed by agitation;

Paññāpariggahitaṃ avijjāya na iñjati.


Ñ: when reinforced by understanding, it is not perturbed by ignorance;

Obhāsagataṃ kilesandhakārena na iñjati.


Ñ: and when illuminated, it is not perturbed by the darkness of defilement.

Imehi chahi dhammehi pariggahitaṃ āneñjappattaṃ hoti.


Ñ: So when it is reinforced by these six states, it is attained to imperturbability.

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