Visuddhimagga XII-10

Khippanisantiyāpi ca sati parassa patiṭṭhābhāvo bhāro, satesu sahassesu vā ekova hoti,


Ñ(XII,10): And helping another after acquiring rapidity in responding is difficult and only one in a hundred or a thousand can so it.

giribhaṇḍavāhanapūjāya mārena aṅgāravasse pavattite ākāse pathaviṃ māpetvā aṅgāravassaparittārako thero viya.

犹如运物至山供养时(giribhaṇḍavāhanapūja) 恶魔骤降火雨,一长老即于空中,化作大地防止火雨。

Ñ: Like the elder who gave protection against the rain of embers by creating earth in the sky, when the rain of embers was produced by Māra at the Giribhaṇḍavāhana offering.

Notes in Chinese translation: 「运物至山供养」(Giribhaṇḍavāhanapūja),山指支提山。这是过去一年一次的大供典。据注解说:自支提山开始,全岛及海,作一由旬的大灯供养。

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