Visuddhimagga XI-107

355. Ajjhattikabāhiravisesatoti ajjhattikā dhātuyo viññāṇavatthuviññattiindriyānaṃ nissayā honti,


Ñ(XI,107): 9. As to distinction between internal and external: the internal elements are the [material] support for the physical bases of consciousness, for the kinds of intimation, and for the material faculties.

Notes in Chinese translation: 识事(Viññāṇavatthu)即眼等六识所依的物质,如眼识事即眼根等。参考底本四四五页以下。



Ñ: They are associated with postures,



Ñ: and they are of fourfold origination.

Bāhirā vuttaviparītappakārāti


Ñ: The external elements are of the opposite kind.

evaṃ ajjhattikabāhiravisesato manasikātabbā.


Ñ: This is how they should be given attention 'as to distinction between internal and external'.

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