Visuddhimagga XI-119

Duvidhoyeva hayaṃ idha adhippeto upacārasamādhi ceva appanāsamādhi ca.


Ñ(XI,119): This concentration as intended here is twofold, that is to say, access concentration and absorption concentration.

Tattha dasasu kammaṭṭhānesu, appanāpubbabhāgacittesu ca ekaggatā upacārasamādhi.


Ñ: Herein, the unification [of mind] in the case of ten meditation subjects and in the consciousness preceding absorption [in the case of the remaining meditation subjects] is access concentration.

Avasesakammaṭṭhānesu cittekaggatā appanāsamādhi.


Ñ: The unification of mind in the case of the remaining meditation subjects is absorption concentration.

So duvidhopi tesaṃ kammaṭṭhānānaṃ bhāvitattā bhāvito hoti.


Ñ: And so it is developed in two forms with the development of these meditation subjects.

Tena vuttaṃ ‘‘kathaṃ bhāvetabboti imassa padassa sabbappakārato atthavaṇṇanā samattā’’ti.


Ñ: Hence it was said above: 'This completes in all its aspects the commentary on the meaning of the clause "How should it be developed?"'.

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