Visuddhimagga XII-9

Therambatthale mahārohaṇaguttattherassa gilānupaṭṭhānaṃ āgatesu tiṃsamattesu iddhimantasahassesu upasampadāya aṭṭhavassiko rakkhitatthero viya.

即如:在三万具有神变的人来到长老芒果山看摩诃罗哈纳瞿多长老的病,[PTS 376] 其中仅有八岁法腊的(佛)护长老相似。

Ñ(XII,9): Like the Elder Rakkhita who, eight years after his full admission to the Order, was in the midst of thirty thousand bhikkhus possessing supernormal power who had come to attend upon the sickness of the Elder Mahā-Rohaṇa-Gutta at Therambatthala. [376]

Tassānubhāvo pathavīkasiṇaniddese (visuddhi. 1.78 ādayo) vuttoyeva.


Ñ: His feat is mentioned under the earth kasiṇa (Ch. IV, §135).

Taṃ panassānubhāvaṃ disvā thero āha ‘‘āvuso, sace rakkhito nābhavissa sabbe garahappattā assāma ‘nāgarājānaṃ rakkhituṃ nāsakkhiṃsū’ti.


Ñ: Seeing his feat, an elder said, 'Friends, if Rakkhita had not been there, we should have been put to shame. [It could have been said] "They were unable to protect the royal nāga."

Tasmā attanā gahetvā vicaritabbaṃ āvudhaṃ nāma malaṃ sodhetvāva gahetvā vicarituṃ vaṭṭatī’’ti.


Ñ: So we ourselves ought to go about [with out abilities perfected], just as it is proper (for soldiers) to go about with weapons cleaned of stains'.

Te therassa ovāde ṭhatvā tiṃsasahassāpi bhikkhū khippanisantino ahesuṃ.


Ñ: The thirty thousand bhikkhus heeded the elder's advice and achieved rapid response.

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