Visuddhimagga XII-7

Paṭhamaṃ jhānaṃ pana pañcaṅgikanti vavatthapetvā dutiyaṃ tivaṅgikaṃ,


Ñ(XII,7): (xiii) The defining of only the jhāna factors by defining the first jhāna as five-factored, the second as three-factored,

tatiyaṃ duvaṅgikaṃ,


Ñ: the third as two-factored,

tathā catutthaṃ ākāsānañcāyatanaṃ…pe… nevasaññānāsaññāyatananti


Ñ: and likewise the fourth, the base consisting of boundless space, … and the base consisting of neither perception nor non-perception,

evaṃ jhānaṅgamattasseva vavatthāpanaṃ aṅgavavatthāpanaṃ nāma.


Ñ: is called definition of factors.

Notes: the English translation of 'evaṃ jhānaṅgamattasseva vavatthāpanaṃ' is above 'The defining of only the jhāna factors'.

Tathā idaṃ pathavīkasiṇanti vavatthapetvā idaṃ āpokasiṇaṃ…pe… idaṃ odātakasiṇanti evaṃ ārammaṇamattasseva vavatthāpanaṃ ārammaṇavavatthāpanaṃ nāma.


Ñ: (xiv) Likewise, the defining of only the object as 'This is the earth kasiṇa', 'This is the water kasiṇa' … 'This is the white kasiṇa', is called definition of object.

Aṅgārammaṇavavatthāpanampi eke icchanti.


Ñ: Some would also have 'defining of factors and object';

Aṭṭhakathāsu pana anāgatattā addhā taṃ bhāvanāmukhaṃ na hoti.


Ñ: but since that is not given in the commentaries it is certainly not a heading in the development.

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