Visuddhimagga VII-109

Suladdhaṃ vata meti yaṃ mayā idaṃ sāsanaṃ manussattaṃ vā laddhaṃ, taṃ suladdhaṃ vata me.


Ñ(VII,109): It is great gain for me: it is great gain for me that this Dispensation, or the human state, has been gained by me.

Notes in Chinese translation : 「我实善得」(suladdhaṃ vata me),《解脱道论》「善得利」。



Ñ: Why?

Yohaṃ maccheramalapariyuṭṭhitāya pajāya…pe… dānasaṃvibhāgaratoti.


Ñ: Because of the fact that 'I abide with my mind free from stain by avarice ... and rejoice in giving and sharing'.

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