Visuddhimagga VII-97

Dakkhiṇāti pana paralokaṃ saddahitvā dātabbadānaṃ vuccati.


Ñ(VII,97): 'Offering' (dakkhiṇa) is what a gift is called that is to be given out of faith in the world to come.

Notes in Chinese translation : 「可施者」(dakkhiṇeyya),《解脱道论》「可施」。

Taṃ dakkhiṇaṃ arahati, dakkhiṇāya vā hito yasmā naṃ mahapphalakaraṇatāya visodhetīti dakkhiṇeyyo.


Ñ: The Community is worthy of that offering, or it is helpful to that offering because it purifies it by making it of great fruit, thus it is fit for offerings (dakkhiṇeyya).

Ubho hatthe sirasmiṃ patiṭṭhapetvā sabbalokena kayiramānaṃ añjalikammaṃ arahatīti añjalikaraṇīyo.


Ñ: It is worthy of being accorded by the whole world the reverential salutation (añjali-kamma) consisting in placing both hands [palms together] above the head, thus it is fit for reverential salutation (añjalikaraṇīya).

Notes in Chinese translation : 「可合掌者」(añjaiikaraṇīya)《解脱道论》「可恭敬」。

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