Visuddhimagga VIII-9

Tattha vadhakapaccupaṭṭhānatoti vadhakassa viya paccupaṭṭhānato.


Ñ(VIII,9): 1. Herein, as having the appearance of a murderer:

Yathā hi imassa sīsaṃ chindissāmīti asiṃ gahetvā gīvāya cārayamāno vadhako paccupaṭṭhitova hoti, evaṃ maraṇampi paccupaṭṭhitamevāti anussaritabbaṃ.


Ñ: he should do his recollecting thus, 'Just as a murderer appears with a sword, thinking "I shall cut this man's head off, and applies it to his neck, so death appears'.



Ñ: Why?

Saha jātiyā āgatato, jīvitaharaṇato ca.


Ñ: Because it comes with birth and it takes away life.

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