Visuddhimagga VII-54

Catubbidhaṃ vā nāmaṃ āvatthikaṃ liṅgikaṃ nemittikaṃ adhiccasamuppannanti.


Ñ(VII,54): Or alternatively, names are of four kinds: denoting a period of life, describing a particular mark, signifying a particular acquirement, and fortuitously arisen,

Adhiccasamuppannaṃ nāma lokiyavohārena yadicchakanti vuttaṃ hoti.


Ñ: which last in the current usage of the world is called 'capricious'.

Tattha vaccho dammo balībaddoti evamādi āvatthikaṃ.

如说犊子[PTS 210],应调御的牛(青年牛)、耕牛(成年牛),此等是依位为名的。

Ñ: Herein, [210] names denoting a period of life are those such as 'yearling calf (vaccha), 'steer to be trained' (damma), 'yoke ox' (balivaddha), and the like.

Daṇḍī chattī sikhī karīti evamādi liṅgikaṃ.


Ñ: Names describing a particular mark are those such as 'staff-bearer' (daṇḍin), 'umbrella-bearer' (chattin), 'topknot-wearer' (sikhin), 'hand possessor' (form-elephant), and the like.

Tevijjo chaḷabhiññoti evamādi nemittikaṃ.


Ñ: Names signifying a particular acquirement are those such as 'possessor of the threefold clear vision' (tevijja), 'possessor of the six direct-knowledges' (chaḷabhiñña), and the like.

Sirivaḍḍhako dhanavaḍḍhakoti evamādi vacanatthaṃ anapekkhitvā pavattaṃ adhiccasamuppannaṃ.


Ñ: Such names as Sirivaḍḍhaka ('Augmenter of Lustre'), Dhanavaḍḍhaka ('Augmenter of Wealth'), etc., are fortuitously arisen names; they have no reference to the word-meanings.

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