Visuddhimagga VII-46

138. Attanā pana guṇehi visiṭṭhatarassa kassaci abhāvato natthi etassa uttaroti anuttaro.

(六)(无上士) 因为他自己的德更无超胜之人,故以无过于他之上者为「无上士」。

[Incomparable Leader of Men to be Tamed]

Ñ(VII,46): In the absence of anyone more distinguished for special qualities than himself there is no one to compare with him, thus he is incomparable.

Tathā hesa sīlaguṇenāpi sabbaṃ lokamabhibhavati, samādhipaññāvimuttivimuttiñāṇadassanaguṇenāpi.


Ñ: For in this way he surpasses the whole world in the special quality of virtue, and also in the special qualities of concentration, understanding, deliverance, and knowledge and vision of deliverance.

Sīlaguṇenāpi asamo asamasamo appaṭimo appaṭibhāgo appaṭipuggalo…pe… vimuttiñāṇadassanaguṇenāpi.


Ñ: In the special quality of virtue he is without equal, he is the equal only of those [other Enlightened Ones] without equal, he is without like, without double, without counterpart; ... in the special quality of knowledge and vision of deliverance he is ... without counterpart,

Yathāha – ‘‘na kho panāhaṃ samanupassāmi sadevake loke samārake…pe… sadevamanussāya pajāya attanā sīlasampannatara’’nti vitthāro.

即所谓[ S.I,139.《杂阿含》一一八八经(大正二‧三二二a)。]:「我实不见于天界,魔界……乃至天人众可以比较我的戒德圆满的」。

Ñ: according as it is said: 'I do not see in the world with its deities, its Māras and its Brahmās, in this generation with its ascetics and brahmans, with its princes and men, anyone more perfect in virtue than myself (S.i,139), with the rest in detail,

Evaṃ aggapasādasuttādīni (a. ni. 4.34; itivu. 90) ‘‘na me ācariyo atthī’’tiādikā (ma. ni. 1.285; mahāva. 11) gāthāyo ca vitthāretabbā.


Ñ: and likewise in the Aggappasāda Sutta (A.ii,34; Iti. 87), and so on, and in the stanzas beginning 'I have no teacher and my like does not exist in all the world' (M.i,171), all of which should be taken in detail.

Notes in Chinese translation: 《最上信乐经》(Aggappasāda-SuttaA.II,34.《增一阿含》卷十二(大正二‧六Oc)相等。

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