Visuddhimagga VIII-10

Yathā hi ahicchattakamakuḷaṃ matthakena paṃsuṃ gahetvāva uggacchati, evaṃ sattā jarāmaraṇaṃ gahetvāva nibbattanti.


Ñ(VIII,10): As budding toadstools always come up lifting dust on their tops, so beings are born along with ageing and death.

Tathā hi nesaṃ paṭisandhicittaṃ uppādānantarameva jaraṃ patvā pabbatasikharato patitasilā viya bhijjati saddhiṃ sampayuttakhandhehi.

有情的结生心生起之后即至老衰,如从山顶落下的石头,[PTS 231] 与此相应蕴共同坏灭。

Ñ: For accordingly their rebirth-linking consciousness reaches ageing immediately next to its arising and then breaks up together with its associated aggregates, like a stone that falls from the summit of a rock. [231]

Evaṃ khaṇikamaraṇaṃ tāva saha jātiyā āgataṃ.


Ñ: So to begin with, momentary death comes along with birth.

Jātassa pana avassaṃ maraṇato idhādhippetamaraṇampi saha jātiyā āgataṃ.


Ñ: But death is inevitable for what is born; consequently the kind of death intended here also comes along with birth.

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