Visuddhimagga VII-80

149. Attano phaladānaṃ sandhāya nāssa kāloti akālo.


Ñ(VII,80): [Not delayed:] it has no delay (lit. 'takes no time'—kāla) in the matter of giving its own fruit, thus it is 'without delay' (akāla).

Akāloyeva akāliko.


Ñ: 'Without delay' is the same as 'not delayed' (akālika).

Notes in Chinese translation: 「无时的」(akālika),《解脱道论》「无时节」。

Na pañcāhasattāhādibhedaṃ kālaṃ khepetvā phalaṃ deti, attano pana pavattisamanantarameva phaladoti vuttaṃ hoti.


Ñ: What is meant is that instead of giving its fruit after creating a delay (using up time), say, five days, seven days, it gives its fruit immediately next to its own occurrence (see Sn. 226).

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