Visuddhimagga VII-111

Vigatamalamaccherenāti aññesampi rāgadosādimalānañceva maccherassa ca vigatattā vigatamalamaccherena.


Ñ(VII,111): Free from stain by avarice because of being free both from avarice and from the other stains, greed, hate, and the rest.

Notes in Chinese translation : 「离垢悭」(vigatamalamacchera),《解脱道论》「无悭」。

Cetasā viharāmīti yathāvuttappakāracitto hutvā vasāmīti attho.

「以心住」即成为上述的心而住的意思。[PTS 224]

Ñ: I abide with my heart: I abide with my consciousness of the kind already stated, is the meaning. [224]

Suttesu pana mahānāmasakkassa sotāpannassa sato nissayavihāraṃ pucchato nissayavihāravasena desitattā agāraṃ ajjhāvasāmīti vuttaṃ.


Ñ: But in the sutta 'I live the home life with my heart free' (A.iii,287; v,331), etc., is said because it was taught there as a [mental] abiding to depend on [constantly] to Mahānāma the Sakyan, who was a stream-enterer asking about an abiding to depend on.

Tattha abhibhavitvā vasāmīti attho.


Ñ: There the meaning is 'I live overcoming …'

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