Visuddhimagga VII-81

Atha vā attano phaladāne pakaṭṭho kālo patto assāti kāliko.


Ñ(VII,81): Or alternatively, what is delayed (kālika—lit. 'what takes time') is what needs some distant time to be reached before it can give its fruit.

Ko so?


Ñ: What is that?

Lokiyo kusaladhammo.


Ñ: It is the mundane law of profitable [kamma].

Ayaṃ pana samanantaraphalattā na kālikoti akāliko.


Ñ: This, however, is undelayed (na kālika) because its fruit comes immediately next to it, so it is 'not delayed' (akālika).

Idaṃ maggameva sandhāya vuttaṃ.


Ñ: This is said with reference to the path.

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