Visuddhimagga VII-60

Bhāgyavatāya cassa satapuññalakkhaṇadharassa rūpakāyasampatti dīpitā hoti.


Ñ(VII,60): And by his fortunateness (bhāgyavatā) is indicated the excellence of his material body which bears a hundred characteristics of merit;

Bhaggadosatāya dhammakāyasampatti.


Ñ: and by his having abolished defects (bhaggadosatā) is indicated the excellence of his Dhamma body.

Tathā lokiyasarikkhakānaṃ bahumatabhāvo, gahaṭṭhapabbajitehi abhigamanīyatā, abhigatānañca nesaṃ kāyacittadukkhāpanayane paṭibalabhāvo, āmisadānadhammadānehi upakāritā, lokiyalokuttarasukhehi ca saṃyojanasamatthatā dīpitā hoti.


Ñ: Likewise, [by his fortunateness is indicated] the esteem of worldly [people; and by his having abolished defects, the esteem of] those who resemble him. [And by his fortunateness it is indicated] that he is fit to be relied on by laymen; and [by his having abolished defects that he is fit to be relied on by] those gone forth into homelessness; and when both have relied on him, they acquire relief from bodily and mental pain as well as help with both material and Dhamma gifts, and they are rendered capable of finding both mundane and supramundane bliss.

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