Visuddhimagga VII-128

So kirāyasmā mārena nimmitaṃ buddharūpaṃ disvā ‘‘ayaṃ tāva sarāgadosamoho evaṃ sobhati, kathaṃ nu kho bhagavā na sobhati, so hi sabbaso vītarāgadosamoho’’ti buddhārammaṇaṃ pītiṃ paṭilabhitvā vipassanaṃ vaḍḍhetvā arahattaṃ pāpuṇīti.


Ñ(VII,128): That venerable one, it seems, saw a figure of the Enlightened One created by Mara. He thought, 'How good this appears despite its having greed, hate and delusion! What can the Blessed One's goodness have been like? For he was quite without greed, hate and delusion!' He acquired happiness with the Blessed One as object, and by augmenting his insight he reached Arahantship.

Iti sādhujanapāmojjatthāya kate visuddhimagge


Chaanussatiniddeso nāma

Sattamo paricchedo.


Ñ: The seventh chapter called "The Description of Six Recollections' in the Treatise on the Development of Concentration in the Path of Purification composed for the purpose of gladdening good people.

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