Visuddhimagga VII-94

āhuneyyotiādīsu ānetvā hunitabbanti āhunaṃ,


Ñ(VII,94): As to fit for gifts, etc.: what should be brought (ānetvā) and given (hunitabba) is a gift (āhuna—lit. 'sacrifice');

Notes in Chinese translation : 「可供养」(āhuneyya),《解脱道论》「可请」。

dūratopi ānetvā sīlavantesu dātabbanti attho.


Ñ: the meaning is, what is to be brought even from far away and donated to the virtuous.

Catunnaṃ paccayānametamadhivacanaṃ.


Ñ: It is a term for the four requisites.

Taṃ āhunaṃ paṭiggahetuṃ yutto tassa mahapphalakaraṇatoti āhuneyyo.


Ñ: The Community is fit to receive that gift (sacrifice) because it makes it bear great fruit, thus it is 'fit for gifts' (āhuneyya).

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