Visuddhimagga VII-73

Apica paṭipattiyā adhigamabyattito sātthaṃ, pariyattiyā āgamabyattito sabyañjanaṃ, sīlādipañcadhammakkhandhayuttato kevalaparipuṇṇaṃ, nirupakkilesato nittaraṇatthāya pavattito lokāmisanirapekkhato ca parisuddhanti evaṃ sātthasabyañjanakevalaparipuṇṇaparisuddhabrahmacariyappakāsanato svākkhāto.



Ñ(VII,73): Furthermore, it is 'with meaning' because it provides the particular distinction of achievement through practice of the way, and it is 'with detail' because it provides the particular distinction of learning through mastery of scripture. It is 'utterly perfect' because it is connected with the five aggregates of Dhamma beginning with virtue. It is 'pure' because it has no imperfection, because it exists for the purpose of crossing over [the round of rebirths' flood (see M.i,134)], and because it is not concerned with worldly things.

So it is 'well proclaimed' because it 'announces the life of purity that is utterly perfect and pure with meaning and with detail'.

Atthavipallāsābhāvato vā suṭṭhu akkhātoti svākkhāto.


Ñ: Or alternatively, it is well proclaimed since it has been properly proclaimed with no perversion of meaning.

Yathā hi aññatitthiyānaṃ dhammassa attho vipallāsamāpajjati, antarāyikāti vuttadhammānaṃ antarāyikattābhāvato, niyyānikāti vuttadhammānaṃ niyyānikattābhāvato.

譬如其它外道的法义是颠倒的,实非障碍法而他说为障碍,[PTS 215] 实非出离法而他亦说为出离法,

Ñ: For the meaning of other sectarians' law suffers perversion since there is actually no obstruction in the [215] things described there as obstructive and actually no outlet in the things described there as outlets,

Tena te durakkhātadhammāyeva honti, na tathā bhagavato dhammassa attho vipallāsamāpajjati.

Ime dhammā antarāyikā, ime dhammā niyyānikāti evaṃ vuttadhammānaṃ tathābhāvānatikkamanatoti.


Ñ: which is why their law is ill-proclaimed; but not so the Blessed One's Law, whose meaning suffers no perversion since the things described there as obstructions and the things described there as outlets are so in actual fact.

Evaṃ tāva pariyattidhammo svākkhāto.


Ñ: So, in the first place, the Dhamma of the scriptures is 'well proclaimed'.

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