Visuddhimagga VIII-8

169. Yassa pana ettāvatā na hoti, tena vadhakapaccupaṭṭhānato, sampattivipattito, upasaṃharaṇato, kāyabahusādhāraṇato, āyudubbalato, animittato, addhānaparicchedato, khaṇaparittatoti imehi aṭṭhahākārehi maraṇaṃ anussaritabbaṃ.


[Eight Ways of Recollecting Death]

Ñ(VIII,8): But one who finds that it does not get so far should do his recollecting of death in eight ways, that is to say: (1) as having the appearance of a murderer, (2) as the ruin of success, (3) by comparison, (4) as to sharing the body with many, (5) as to the frailty of life, (6) as signless, (7) as to the limitedness of the extent, (8) as to the shortness of the moment.

Notes in Chinese translation : 《解脱道论》的八种:一如凶恶人逐,二以无因缘,三以本取,四以身多属,五以寿命无力故,六以无相故,七以久远分别,八以剎那故。

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