Visuddhimagga VII-50

Devamanussānanti devānañca manussānañca.


Ñ(VII,50): Of gods and men: devamanussānaṃ = devānañ ca manussānañ ca (resolution of compound).

Ukkaṭṭhaparicchedavasena, bhabbapuggalaparicchedavasena cetaṃ vuttaṃ.


Ñ: This is said in order to denote those who are the best and also to denote those persons capable of progress.

Bhagavā pana tiracchānagatānampi anusāsanippadānena satthāyeva.


Ñ: For the Blessed One as a teacher bestowed his teaching upon animals as well.

Tepi hi bhagavato dhammassavanena upanissayasampattiṃ patvā tāya eva upanissayasampattiyā dutiye vā tatiye vā attabhāve maggaphalabhāgino honti.


Ñ: For when animals can, through listening to the Blessed One's Dhamma, acquire the benefit of a [suitable rebirth as] support [for progress], and with the benefit of that same support they come, in their second or their third rebirth, to partake of the path and its fruition.

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