Visuddhimagga VII-83

151. Upanetabboti opaneyyiko.


Ñ(VII,83): The word opanayika ('onward-leading') is [equivalent to the gerund] upanetabba ('ought to—can—be induced').

Notes in Chinese translation: 「引导的」(opanayika)《解脱道论》「乘相应」。

Ayaṃ panettha vinicchayo, upanayanaṃ upanayo, ādittaṃ celaṃ vā sīsaṃ vā ajjhupekkhitvāpi bhāvanāvasena attano citte upanayanaṃ arahatīti opanayiko.


Ñ: Here is an exposition. An inducing (upanayana) is an inducement (upanaya). [As the four paths and four fruitions] this [Dhamma] is worth inducing (upanayanaṃ arahati) [that is, arousing] in one's own mind [subjectively] by means of development, without any question of whether or not one's clothing or one's head is on fire (see A.iv,320),

Opanayikova opaneyyiko.


Ñ: thus it is'onward-leading' (opanayika).

Idaṃ saṅkhate lokuttaradhamme yujjati.


Ñ: This applies to the [above-mentioned eight] formed supramundane states (dhammas).

Asaṅkhate pana attano cittena upanayanaṃ arahatīti opaneyyiko.

若是无为的涅盘则值得以自心引进为引导的 ──

Ñ: But the unformed [dhamma] is worth inducing by one's own mind [to become the mind's object], thus it is 'onward-leading', too;

Sacchikiriyāvasena allīyanaṃ arahatīti attho.


Ñ: the meaning is that it is worth treating as one's shelter by realizing it.

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