Visuddhimagga VII-110

Tattha maccheramalapariyuṭṭhitāyāti maccheramalena abhibhūtāya.


Ñ(VII,110): Herein, obsessed by the stain of avarice is overwhelmed by the stain of avarice.

Notes in Chinese translation : 「悭垢所缠」(maccheramala-pariyuṭṭhitāyā),《解脱道论》「悭垢所牵」。

Pajāyāti pajāyanavasena sattā vuccanti.


Ñ: Generation: beings, so called owing to the fact of their being generated.

Sayādaw U Sīlānanda: [Pajā = Sattā = beings].

Tasmā attano sampattīnaṃ parasādhāraṇabhāvamasahanalakkhaṇena cittassa pabhassarabhāvadūsakānaṃ kaṇhadhammānaṃ aññatarena maccheramalena abhibhūtesu sattesūti ayamettha attho.


Ñ: So the meaning here is this: among beings who are overwhelmed by the stain of avarice, which is one of the dark states that corrupt the [natural] transparency of consciousness (see A.i,10) and which has the characteristic of inability to bear sharing one's own good fortune with others.

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