Visuddhimagga VII-57

144. Ayaṃ pana aparo nayo.


Ñ(VII,57): But there is this other way:

Bhāgyavā bhaggavā yutto, bhagehi ca vibhattavā;

Bhattavā vantagamano, bhavesu bhagavā tatoti.





Ñ: 'He is fortunate (bhāgyavā), possessed of abolishment (bhaggavā), associated with blessings (yutto bhagehi), and a possessor of what has been analysed (vibhattavā).

'He has frequented (bhattavā), and he has rejected going in the kinds of becoming (VAnta-GAmano BHAvesu), thus he is Blessed (BHAGAVĀ)'.

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