Visuddhimagga VII-118

Imañca pana devatānussatiṃ anuyutto bhikkhu devatānaṃ piyo hoti manāpo,


Ñ(VII,118): And when a bhikkhu is devoted to this recollection of deities, he becomes dearly loved by deities.

bhiyyoso mattāya saddhādivepullaṃ adhigacchati,


Ñ: He obtains even greater fullness of faith.

pītipāmojjabahulo viharati.


Ñ: He has much happiness and gladness.

Uttari appaṭivijjhanto pana sugatiparāyano hoti.


Ñ: And if he penetrates no higher, he is at least headed for a happy destiny.

Tasmā have appamādaṃ, kayirātha sumedhaso;

Evaṃ mahānubhāvāya, devatānussatiyā sadāti.





Ñ: Now when a man is truly wise,

His constant task will surely be

This recollection of deities

Blessed with such mighty potency.

Idaṃ devatānussatiyaṃ vitthārakathāmukhaṃ.


Ñ: This is the section dealing with the recollection of deities in the detailed explanation.

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