Visuddhimagga VII-75

Ariyamaggo cettha antadvayaṃ anupagamma majjhimā paṭipadābhūtova ‘‘majjhimā paṭipadā’’ti akkhātattā svākkhāto.


Ñ(VII,75): And here the noble path, which is the middle way since it does not approach either extreme, is well proclaimed in being proclaimed to be the middle way.

Sāmaññaphalāni paṭipassaddhakilesāneva ‘‘paṭipassaddhakilesānī’’ti akkhātattā svākkhātāni.


Ñ: The fruits of asceticism, where defilements are tranquillized, are well proclaimed too in being proclaimed to have tranquillized defilement.

Nibbānaṃ sassatāmatatāṇaleṇādisabhāvameva sassatādisabhāvavasena akkhātattā svākkhātanti evaṃ lokuttaradhammopi svākkhāto.


Ñ: Nibbāna, whose individual essence is eternal, deathless, the refuge, the shelter, etc., is well proclaimed too in being proclaimed to have an individual essence that is eternal, and so on.

So the supramundane Dhamma is also 'well proclaimed'.

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