Visuddhimagga VII-84

Atha vā nibbānaṃ upanetīti ariyamaggo upaneyyo.


Ñ(VII,84): Or alternatively, what induces (upaneti) [the noble person] onwards to nibbāna is the noble path, which is thus inducive (upaneyya).

Sacchikātabbataṃ upanetabboti phalanibbānadhammo upaneyyo.


Ñ: Again, what can (ought to) be induced (upanetabbd) to realizability is the Dhamma consisting in fruition and nibbāna, which is thus inducive (upaneyya), too.

Upaneyyo eva opaneyyiko.


Ñ: The word upaneyya is the same as the word opanayika.

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