Visuddhimagga VII-53

142. Bhagavāti idaṃ panassa guṇavisiṭṭhasabbasattuttamagarugāravādhivacanaṃ.



Ñ(VII,53): Blessed (bhagavant) is a term signifying the respect and veneration accorded to him as the highest of all beings and distinguished by his special qualities.

Tenāhu porāṇā –


Ñ: Hence the Ancients said:

‘‘Bhagavāti vacanaṃ seṭṭhaṃ, bhagavāti vacanamuttamaṃ;

Garugāravayutto so, bhagavā tena vuccatī’’ti.





Ñ: ' "Blessed" is the best of words,

"Blessed" is the finest word;

Deserving awe and veneration,

Blessed is the name therefore'.

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