Visuddhimagga VII-49

140. Diṭṭhadhammikasamparāyikaparamatthehi yathārahaṃ anusāsatīti satthā.


[Teacher of Gods and Men]

Ñ(VII,49): He teaches (anusāsati) by means of the here and now, of the life to come, and of the ultimate goal, according as befits the case, thus he is the Teacher (satthar).

Apica satthā viyāti satthā, bhagavā satthavāho.


Ñ: And furthermore this meaning should be understood according to the Niddesa thus: ' "Teacher (satthar)": the Blessed One is a caravan leader (satthar) since he brings home caravans (sattha).

Yathā satthavāho satthe kantāraṃ tāreti corakantāraṃ tāreti vāḷakantāraṃ tāreti dubbhikkhakantāraṃ tāreti nirudakakantāraṃ tāreti uttāreti nittāreti patāreti khemantabhūmiṃ sampāpeti, evameva bhagavā satthā satthavāho satte kantāraṃ tāreti, jātikantāraṃ tāretītiādinā niddesanayenapettha attho veditabbo.


Ñ: Just as one who brings a caravan home gets caravans across a wilderness, gets them across a robber-infested wilderness, gets them across a wild-beast-infested wilderness, gets them across a foodless wilderness, gets them across a waterless wilderness, gets them right across, gets them quite across, gets them properly across, gets them to reach a land of safety, so too the Blessed One is a caravan leader, one who brings home the caravans, he gets them across a wilderness, gets them across the wilderness of birth' (Nd. 1,446).

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