Visuddhimagga VII-121

165. Imā pana cha anussatiyo ariyasāvakānaññeva ijjhanti.


Ñ(VII,121): These six recollections succeed only in noble disciples.

Tesaṃ hi buddhadhammasaṅghaguṇā pākaṭā honti.


Ñ: For the special qualities of the Enlightened One, the Law, and the Community, are evident to them;

Te ca akhaṇḍatādiguṇehi sīlehi,


Ñ: and they possess the virtue with the special qualities of untornness, etc.,

vigatamalamaccherena cāgena,


Ñ: the generosity that is free from stain by avarice,

mahānubhāvānaṃ devatānaṃ guṇasadisehi saddhādiguṇehi samannāgatā.


Ñ: and the special qualities of faith, etc., similar to those of deities.

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