Visuddhimagga VII-63

Yasmā ca esa dibbabrahmaariyavihāre kāyacittaupadhiviveke suññatappaṇihitānimittavimokkhe aññe ca lokiyalokuttare uttarimanussadhamme bhaji sevi bahulaṃ akāsi, tasmā bhattavāti vattabbe bhagavāti vuccati.


Ñ(VII,63): He [can also] be called 'blessed' (bhagavā) when he can be called one who 'has frequented' (bhattavā) owing to his having frequented (bhaji), cultivated, repeatedly practised, such mundane and supramundane higher-than-human states as the heavenly, the divine, and the noble abidings, as bodily, mental, and existential seclusion, as the void, the desireless, and the signless liberations, and others as well.

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