Visuddhimagga VII-76

148. Sandiṭṭhikoti ettha pana ariyamaggo tāva attano santāne rāgādīnaṃ abhāvaṃ karontena ariyapuggalena sāmaṃ daṭṭhabboti sandiṭṭhiko.


Ñ(VII,76): Visible here and now: firstly, the noble path is 'visible here and now' since it can be seen by a noble person himself when he has done away with greed, etc., in his own continuity,

Notes in Chinese translation: 「自见」(sandiṭṭhika),《解脱道论》「现证」。

Yathāha –‘‘ratto kho, brāhmaṇa, rāgena abhibhūto pariyādiṇṇacitto attabyābādhāyapi ceteti, parabyābādhāyapi ceteti, ubhayabyābādhāyapi ceteti.


Ñ: according as it is said: 'When a man is dyed with greed, brahman, and is overwhelmed and his mind is obsessed by greed, then he thinks for his own affliction, he thinks for others' affliction, he thinks for the affliction of both,

Cetasikaṃ dukkhaṃ domanassaṃ paṭisaṃvedeti.


Ñ: and he experiences mental suffering and grief.

Rāge pahīne neva attabyābādhāya ceteti, na parabyābādhāya ceteti, na ubhayabyābādhāya ceteti, na cetasikaṃ dukkhaṃ domanassaṃ paṭisaṃvedeti.


Ñ: When greed has been abandoned, he neither thinks for his own affliction, nor thinks for others' affliction, nor thinks for the affliction of both, and he does not experience mental suffering and grief.

Evampi kho, brāhmaṇa, sandiṭṭhiko dhammo hotī’’ti(a. ni. 3.54).


Ñ: This, brahman, is how the Dhamma is visible here and now' (A.i,156). [216]

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