Visuddhimagga VIII-6

Tadetaṃ sabbampi satisaṃvegañāṇavirahato hoti.

以上的一切都是不如理作意,因为不起忆念 感动及智的。

Ñ(VIII,6): In all that there is neither mindfulness nor sense of urgency nor knowledge.

Notes : The Pāḷi word 'Ayoniso' is above.

Tasmā tattha tattha hatamatasatte oloketvā diṭṭhapubbasampattīnaṃ sattānaṃ matānaṃ maraṇaṃ āvajjetvā satiñca saṃvegañca ñāṇañca yojetvā ‘‘maraṇaṃ bhavissatī’’tiādinā nayena manasikāro pavattetabbo.

所以在各处见了被杀或死的有情,思虑他们过去曾是知名之士的死而生忆念 感动及智之后,当起「死将来临」等的方法作意。

Ñ: So he should look here and there at beings that have been killed or have died, and advert to the death of beings already dead but formerly seen enjoying good things, doing so with mindfulness, with a sense of urgency and with knowledge, after which he can exercise his attention in the way beginning 'Death will take place'.

Evaṃ pavattento hi yoniso pavatteti, upāyena pavattetīti attho.


Ñ: By so doing he exercises it wisely. He exercises it as a [right] means, is the meaning.

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